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Michael Wolfe cyclotouriste at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:25:14 PDT 2009

Looks like you and Joshua had a good ride.  What you did was the cool, easy
part -- the desert in such conditions would be deadly.  Makes me glad I
postponed it.

Before you go asking for August 1st off, you should know that on that date,
Susan is going to just do one of her 300's -- either 3 capes again or a grab
bag of 100k combinations out of Newberg.  The Barlow Trail 300 will be
pushed back to September 26, and will be a RUSA event, pending approval.
We'll the new dates up on the site when everything's official.

Anvil Creek crossing was fine on a bent.  I walked the bike around the BMX
mounds on either side, and I actually rode the dirt down to the creek.  I
walked the bike up the other side, and then I was on my way.  I had 700x23
tires, and even that skinny, it just wasn't an issue.

I'm sorry you suffered on the way back to Estacada.  That's too bad, it's a
great stretch of road if you're not feeling like crap.  I would have
employed the Vincent Sikorski hydro-thermal cooling method (TM) and just
gone and sat in the river.  Getting under a water hose in Mitchell on the
XTR instantly made me able to eat and drink again.  You just need to bring
your temperature down.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Michael Johnson <mjawnson at gmail.com> wrote:

> So I see the ride is post-poned. Kinda good for me because if I can
> get the following Saturday off I'll do it.
> Yesterday Joshua Bryant and I did a ride from Portland that
> incorporated elements of the Barlow Trail 300k and the Timothy Lake
> 200k. The heat was brutal. And in spite of all the trees we had very
> little shade on some sections of road. We road up NFD 57 and then
> connected with NFD 5810 over to Timothy Lake. NFD 5810 is an awesome
> climb. Not too steep and offers great views. The creek crossing is
> interesting. Doesn't seem to enjoyable on a bent though... At Timothy
> Lake we went to the historic rangers stage and took NFD 42 back down
> to the Clackamas River. This descent was amazing although the steady
> climb up to the descending part of the road killed me. It was just so
> hot and exposed. I was having flashbacks of the 600k XTR. Once back
> on 224 we had a hot headwind back into Estacada where I sent an SOS
> to my wife who came and retrieved my wreck of carcass. By the time
> she showed up I was feeling a bit better. On the return to 224 my
> stomach stopped working and I couldn't take in fluids or food without
> getting nauseous. I actually felt worse than on the XTR. Still, I got
> in 140 miles.
> I've realized that doing rides like this on your own is a lot
> different than doing a brevet. While Josh was great company it's just
> nicer being around more people having dedicated controls to stop at.
> I should mention that Josh limped home on his own, finishing the ride
> as planned.
> Here are some pictures:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/41335973@N00/sets/72157621778650380/
> --mike
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